Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
Bitcoin is a digital currency that makes it possible for rapid payments to be transferred at a very low cost, with no need for involvement on the part of central authorities and issuers.
Yes. We work hard to provide a secure system. We continuously monitor our network for any suspect activities. Do keep in mind that we can not offer security for Bitcoins which are stored on your computer and for this reason it is important to take extra steps to make sure that your Bitcoin wallet is secured.
Generating profits from cryptocurrency trading is quite similar to that of generating profits from regular Forex trading. The primary differences are fundamental analysis, and of course, the currencies selected.
Simply fill in the requested details on the sign up page to receive your login details.
The only required tools are a computer and internet connection. A smartphone or tablet may also be used to trade.
Yes we allow users to hedge and to scalp, as well as other high frequency trading styles.
We don’t enforce a minimum deposit, however if transferring bitcoin keep in mind the blockchain has a fee. So if you transfer anything less than $10 USD worth of BTC some of that will get chewed up in the blockchain fee. We tell people to estimate $5 for fees but it fluctuates and is usually significantly less than this.
No. Pricing within the demo platform are the same as those within the live trading platform.
We allow you to create as many Live and Demo accounts for each available currency option as you wish.
Deposits, Withdrawals, Payments
Log in to your account and find the ‘Deposits’ option between the side tabs. Choose the depositing method, the available currency and enter the amount you wish to deposit, then click on the red Deposit button. You will be redirected to a screen where you are provided with a Bitcoin wallet address. The funds will be added to your Vault automatically once sent from your Bitcoin wallet.

Please note that a unique Bitcoin address is generated for you each time you submit a deposit. You must use this address within 15 minutes. Do not use the same Bitcoin address more than once.

Credit/Debit Card
Log in to your account and find the ‘Deposits’ option between the side tabs. Choose the depositing method, the available currency and enter the amount you wish to deposit, then click on the red Deposit button. You will be redirected to our third party provider where you can purchase and send Bitcoin in one step using your Credit/Debit Card.
The withdrawal process is fast. Once approved, Bitcoin withdrawals should arrive in an hour or less depending on blockchain traffic.
Yes, withdrawn funds are subtracted from your trading account right away. Unless you have withdrawn 100% of your funds, you will be able to trade with monies which remain in your account.
Typically, funds are paid back using the same payment method that was used to fund the account. This could mean that you receive your withdrawal in several different payments.
MetaTrader 4
Select a financial instrument from the Market Watch and double-click on it. This will open the additional details and available selections.
Open the ‘File’ menu and then click on the ‘New Chart’ option. Once this is done, you will be able to select a financial instrument from the provided list.
Balance is the current amount of funds on your account following the last trade that you closed.

Equity is the total Balance and present Profit/Loss of open trades and SWAP.

Margin is the total amount of funds required to cover any possible losses which may occur during margin trading.

Free margin is the amount of funds available to open new trades. Free margin is simply equity minus margin.
Right-click in the ‘Market Watch’ area and then select ‘Symbols’ from the menu. Choose the desired currency pair and then click ‘Properties’ to show the values.
No, the time zone will always remain that of our trading servers.
Open the terminal window and select the ‘Account History’ tab. You can also save your trading history as a .html file to be viewed even when you are not logged on.
We do allow traders to make use of these types of trading systems.
Open positions are displayed in the ‘Terminal’ tab along the bottom of MetaTrader window.

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