Metatrader 4 on Mobile

Deposit With Your Credit or Debit Card

We have integrated third party payment providers that Zopax Coin uses to take credit card or debit card transactions. If you’d prefer to use coinbase and purchase bitcoin to transfer to us, we have a guide for that too.


Sign in to Zopax Coin and Review Deposit Options

1. Select Make a Deposit to get to the deposit screen
2. Select the deposit method (Visa or Mastercard)
3. Select your wallet
4. Type in the amount you wish to deposit
5. Press Deposit to proceed

Follow the prompts provided by our payment gateway provider to complete your transaction.

Transaction Completed!

Instacoins Guide 01

On confirmation of your transaction, you can now go back to Zopax!

Once you are back in Zopax Coin, on payment confirmation (this can take up to 5 minutes), your account will now include your new funds. So you can proceed with opening an MT4 account by clicking on "Trading Accounts". Or if you already have an account, transfer the funds into your trading account with the Transfer tool.

Instacoins Guide 02